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Welcome to a new segment in Tech is the New Pink – Is this Vaseline? In this mostly self-explanatory segment, we look at some premium beauty products and other stuff and ask – is this mostly made of Vaseline? Today – Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Skin Protectant (shown here with the Eight Hour Daily Moisturiser […]

Just so ya’ll know, I am not a pink hater. I possess a lot of pink clothing, accessories and other accoutrement. It is, genuinely, my favourite colour. Really.  I just dispute the concept “shrinking and pinking” products to hoodwink the female consumer. Sometimes, though, it enhances the value of an otherwise very, very, very dull […]

A trend I have noticed recently – a trend I call the Pink Premium – has piqued my curiosity. It started with an innocent Amazon trawl for a Speedo Aquabeat. Admittedly, I liked the hot pink version – as long as I am getting a dinky mp3 player, I may as well get a colourful […]

WARNING: Sensitive types – navigate away from this page. Or at least cover your eyes. Mother f***ers. Mother. F***ers. I see the draw of an app dedicated to tracking your period, such as Period Tracker, Lady Biz and iPeriod. Lord knows these things are unpredictable and tracking irregularities is always a good idea. But honestly, […]

Sell me headphones. Please, anyone, anyone with headphones – please sell them to me. I don’t want you to take a 25p tinny piece of crap, colour it pink and hand it to me with a £12.99 price tag. Or white with pink accents for £40. Sell me a decent piece of kit. I’ll even […]