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The provocative title of this TEDWomen talk by Johanna Blakley obscures the essence of what she is saying – that with the rise of social media, the focus in advertising is going to shift away from appealing to demographics and instead appeal to the passions of particular groups and tap in to what people want. […]

Normal service is slowly resuming, as promised. There’s a few exciting posts in the works on my headphone (and earphones!) work around solutions including headphones from Logitech and Sony Ericsson, the upcoming TiVo v Apple TV v Boxee Brawl of 2011, the HTC Wildfire and some musings on technology that changed my life. In the […]

It has been a busy few weeks at Claire Towers, thanks to an extended Christmas break and a new job. Normal service will resume shortly. In the meantime, we are working on a new project with Bing. Bing have created a series of videos featuring the Facejacker character Brian Badonde coming to grips with technology. […]

After years of languishing as an afterthought in a mobile telecoms industry dominated by their very own Big 4 (Big 3 now, and we all know who I’m talking about – Orange and T-Mobile – now merged, Vodafone and O2), Three have spent 2010 building up their network to make a headfirst charge into the […]

Cross posted from Girly Geekdom “Is that an iPhone?” Puzzled looks. “No, it’s an Xperia – an Android phone from Sony Ericsson.” “Oh.” Clearly I have just used a string of baffling words. I may as well have said, “This phone is made by Acme out of Kryptonite particles found on the Moon.” [NB: Superman […]

Welcome to a new segment in Tech is the New Pink – Is this Vaseline? In this mostly self-explanatory segment, we look at some premium beauty products and other stuff and ask – is this mostly made of Vaseline? Today – Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Skin Protectant (shown here with the Eight Hour Daily Moisturiser […]

“I think we should go out for a day and leave our phones at home. No electronics. Let’s go somewhere without our electronics, somewhere we don’t know.” My jaw dropped in shock. Onlookers clearly thought my boyfriend suggested we move to the moon. To me, it’s not that far removed. “What gave you that idea? […]