A Ridiculous Proposition


If I could attach my BlackBerry to my hand, I would. (via electricpig.com)

“I think we should go out for a day and leave our phones at home. No electronics. Let’s go somewhere without our electronics, somewhere we don’t know.”

My jaw dropped in shock. Onlookers clearly thought my boyfriend suggested we move to the moon. To me, it’s not that far removed.

“What gave you that idea? No, absolutely not. No way,” I spluttered indignantly.

“What is so wrong with not being networked for a day? Why do we need to be plugged in 24 hours a day? Why do we need gadgets to communicate?” He seemed genuinely hurt that I thought this was such an awful idea. I was genuinely perplexed as to why he thought this was such a good idea.

“It’s not about that!” And it really wasn’t. My smartphone has become my one-stop lifeline. It’s not just a phone to me. I could get lost in a cardboard box of my own making. Thank god for smartphones and GPS. Goodbye A to Z. Then there is the giant location-based competition that is Foursquare, a greatly attractive incentive to the ultra-competitive (*cough* me *cough*). Music, e-readers, video, Twitter, email email email. What? HOW could you expect me to live without this for even a day? Do you know me at all?

My boyfriend may have had a point. The electronic onslaught may be a revolution, but like all revolutions, it comes with its own unique problems – the loss of personal space and time, the need to be constantly entertained and constantly available, a crutch for our own foibles, like my atrocious sense of direction – I take the point. But maybe we accept this as a price to pay for being connected. Is it not about creating your own way of living in a digital world?

In the meantime, I am sure the Smartphoneless Day Out (and it is a matter of ‘less’) is coming soon. I wait in fear, clutching my BlackBerry for dear life. I will not surrender.


2 Responses to “A Ridiculous Proposition”

  1. 1 susan

    Claire, good point. But here’s an idea, you have the power in your hands to shut it off for a while to recharge “your inner peace”. I would recommend trying it just once. You will definitely feel liberated.

    • Recharging my inner what now? That’s why we sleep. Seriously. I occasionally accidentally liberate myself by leaving my phone at home. Those are never good days.

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