A Few of my Favourite Apps


Recently, Lady Geek asked Britain, “What’s Your Favourite App?” Women are buying smartphones in greater and greater numbers and, likewise, picking up apps – but not everyone has caught on. Games and social networking applications are popular, but there are more than 100,000 apps in the Apple App store, not to mention the apps available in the Android market and Blackberry App World. Once you’ve downloaded Facebook, Bejeweled and a Twitter client, what do you go for? As a suggestion, here are a few of my favourite apps

Angry Birds Fling angry birds at stone, glass and wooden structures to kill piggies. Absolutely addictive and hilarious. Also fun – Spot the Angry Bird Fan. Helpful hint: look for furrowed brows and frantic fingers sliding across iPhone screens. http://www.rovio.com

Get Running – As a very sporadic runner, there is nothing more helpful and encouraging than a disembodied voice cheering you on. “You’re halfway there! Only 4 more runs to go.” “Congratulations! You finished your eight minutes of running today! Well done!” Perfect for getting off your butt and into a 5k. iPhone/iPod Touch http://splendid-things.co.uk/getrunning

My Tracks – Hooray for Google! This Android-only app not only maps your run, cycle ride, swim or hike, but also tracks pace, elevation and time spent moving. Use the export option to send your map to Google Maps and stats to Google Docs and share the details with your friends using Twidroid. Very helpful. Android only http://mytracks.appspot.com

ToDo Map – Goodbye, boring checklist. Hel-lo, pretty mapped to-do list. Plot your to-dos, prioritise and categorise by colour. Set up in map or review mode and bask in the gorgeous aesthetic. Maybe you can start ticking off the to-dos when you stop playing with this list. Go on, I dare you. iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad http://www.todomap.net

CardStar – I am a card-carrying loyalty card freak. See what I did there? If there was a loyalty card for using loyalty cards,

I would use it. Occasional sales or discounts would probably be more lucrative, but I cannot resist the possibility of, say, £2.50 of groceries after I spend £15,000 on contact lenses. CardStar is a very simple premise – store your loyalty card information. Flip your phone on its side and the app creates a scannable barcode. Genius. My purse is definitely lighter and my back is grateful. For iPhone/iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry http://www.mycardstar.com

Rightmove –  The ONLY way to do proper property stalking. Did I say property stalking? *ahem* I mean, find your next flat. This genius property-finder application not only does the basic property search, but it can also pinpoint your location to show nearby properties for sale or rent. So when your neighbour’s house goes on the market… iPhone/iPod Touch only


2 Responses to “A Few of my Favourite Apps”

  1. 1 Jamie Ward

    In regards to ToDo Map app – have you tried yadahome,a very decent looking ToDo list, calendar and online network sharing.

    Angry Birds is awesome – I highly recommend Fragger aswell – ridiculously challenging.

    Great blog, glad I found it.


    • Hi! So sorry it took so long to approve the comment and thank you for the blog compliment. I should really get writing again – last few months have been crazy. Thank you for reading!


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