Wilkinson Sword Quattro


Soooooo… um…. Let’s mow the lawn!

Wow. Um. So, it looks like Wilkinson Sword employed the talents of Tour Guide Barbie from Toy Story 2 to star in their innuendo-based re-enactment of Let’s Go to the Mall from How I Met Your Mother.

See? SEE? I am not sure whether to laugh at this or be creeped out by the Stepford-like identibot broken-down craziness of these women. In 1969, Pat Mainardi pointed out the absurdity of striving to be the television woman hysterical over her smudged floors. Forty-one years later the temperature of the ads hasn’t changed, just the subject of the legitimised craziness. We’ve moved on from craziness over dirty houses to… craziness over untidy front bottoms.

And maybe it’s tongue-in-cheek. Maybe I should grow a sense of humour. Or maybe (just maybe) we should all realise this ad is not pointing out how ridiculous it is that women are expected to be virtually hairless like a child (or artfully hairy), but that… what? That it’s a chore? Well, of COURSE it’s a chore. It’s as fun as having your wisdom teeth pulled. The Stepfords only make it kitschily creepy.

We’ve come a long way, baby. Or not.


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