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A couple of months ago, I lamented the difficulty in tracking down good headphones and the dearth of headphones/technology targeted at women that WASN’T (a) pink AND (b) crap. You can understand my gasps of delight when I saw this? Woohoo! Look at that! Look at that! Cool retro-design and they’re not pink! Brilliantly displayed […]

Soooooo… um…. Let’s mow the lawn! Wow. Um. So, it looks like Wilkinson Sword employed the talents of Tour Guide Barbie from Toy Story 2 to star in their innuendo-based re-enactment of Let’s Go to the Mall from How I Met Your Mother. See? SEE? I am not sure whether to laugh at this or […]

Originally appeared on Lady Geek on 9 April 2010. Oh – is that a woman speaking in the new PC World ads? Yes, that’s right, it is! Hooray a woman? Oh wait. Oh. Oh no. Bargain WorldWatch the ad… Music WorldWatch the ad… Do you see the difference? The boy uses his computer to do […]

“The little blue dot is coming up to the roundabout. Take the first left,” I said emphatically. “What left? I have taken all the possible lefts I can take! THERE ARE NO OTHER LEFTS!” “Mom, seriously, take the first left.” “Ok, but I’m telling you, I’ve already taken this left. We’ve taken this left and […]