Playstation ‘Move’


I, too, would be bewildered if I was a Sony executive. The Playstation 3 is by any measure an outstanding console. So why was it being beaten into the ground by Nintendo Wii?  A list of the Wii differentiators:

1) A lower price point.

2) That funky Wiimote.

3) Interesting, interactive multiplayer games.

Ok, so number 1 – check! Price point lowered, take up increased. Awesome! 2 – done. The Playstation Move, fully unveiled this week at GDC 2010, demonstrates a highly accurate 1:1 response and the trailer shows the versatility of its use in the Playstation games range.

So why, pray tell, did Sony choose to demonstrate the Playstation Move at GDC 2010 by showing how a gamer can beat a realistic street thug to a bloody stump? *sigh*

So close, Sony, so close. That blasted number 3. Wii is outrageously popular because it is also outrageously popular with women. And, at last check, there was not a terribly broad range of street combat games for the Wii. I suppose that, too, is a market differentiator.


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