Brightening Up a Rainy Saturday


Just so ya’ll know, I am not a pink hater. I possess a lot of pink clothing, accessories and other accoutrement. It is, genuinely, my favourite colour. Really.  I just dispute the concept “shrinking and pinking” products to hoodwink the female consumer.

Sometimes, though, it enhances the value of an otherwise very, very, very dull product – and I found a perfect example of this tonight, when I stopped by my local corner shop to pick up some soda before watching recorded Olympic ski cross (yes, my life is truly thrilling stuff sometimes). I went to pay – and got a good look at this gem of a card machine:

Do I need to tell you how much I love this? Turns out the shop owners purchased the machine as a favour for their cousin, working behind the till, who loves pink. And honestly, I thought this was certainly the cutest card payments machine I have ever seen (admittedly, there are not a lot of contenders for that title). So, in conclusion, pink tech is not inherently bad – just when it is used as the sole reason for jacking up the price of an inferior good.


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