Samsung s7070 ‘Diva’


Behold the new Samsung s7070 Diva, the latest offering from the South Korean electronics giant in a long, long, long, long, long (did I say long?) line of phones.

The Diva is a mobile phone developed for and targeted specifically at women – or so say the folk at Samsung. And admittedly, the phone has a beautiful quilted shell – and that’s about it.  It’s not a smartphone.  It has a 3.2 mp camera. And it is 2G. Yes, that’s right, 2G. Just to emphasise how ridiculous this is, my last 4 phones, including my emergency Sony Ericsson K530i that I got for free in 2007, has 3G capability.

Admittedly, a 2G capable phone is not ridiculous, but it IS ridiculous if the PAYG price is £169.99.  What does £170 on PAYG get you these days? If you’re not fussed with 3G, £149.99 will get you a Blackberry Curve from Orange, which is at least a decent smartphone. Or you can get a beautiful LG GW520 from O2 with 3G and have enough left over for a bottle of Bollinger Grand Année Rosé (or thereabouts – that £15 won’t matter after a couple of glasses).

You can get a cheapo contract – around £15 – if you opt for this phone, but you can still get much better phones for free. It would appear that Samsung and their network partners know this, so they are throwing in magazine subscriptions, a copy of The September Issue or a Benefit makeup kit if you spring for the Diva. Wow. If ever a company had faith in their product, free makeup is surely a sign.

And now for a radical suggestion – show women what this product can do . None of the marketing has shown what the phone is capable of, except for maybe beating a robber over the head with the reptilianesque casing. Ok, so it doesn’t have 3G capability or a fabulous camera or smartphone capabilities. Maybe it has a beautiful interface, or immediate easy-to-use access to social networking sites.  If a company wants to reach women, it is imperative that they show them the benefits of the product, really sell the product, rather than hoodwinking them with shiny and makeup and ANNA WINTOUR!!!!

If you’ve seen The September Issue, you’ll understand why the exclamation marks are necessary.


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