Sell Me Headphones!


Sell me headphones. Please, anyone, anyone with headphones – please sell them to me.

I don’t want you to take a 25p tinny piece of crap, colour it pink and hand it to me with a £12.99 price tag. Or white with pink accents for £40. Sell me a decent piece of kit. I’ll even buy two – one for the gym, one for commuting. I am devoted to my iPod, I devour music.

Somewhere along the line, companies realised women listened to music and took it seriously. There is a female market for entertainment.  However, the overwhelming response has been to sell headphones and mp3 players to women as accessories. Not that I am against attractive accoutrement, but some companies seem to believe that women, repulsed by high-calibre engineering, instead prefer their electronics peripherals pink and they prefer them cheap.

Many women don’t consider them an accessory to match their handbag and shoes. Most women use them to accentuate their musical experiences. My first pair of truly excellent headphones made me re-experience my entire music collection. A straw poll of female friends reveals the same – they buy robust products, but lack guidance.

On top of that, the best headphones do NOT fit my head – and am sure I am not the only woman with this problem. A new pair of Sennheiser PX 200 II headphones kept sliding off my head, even on the smallest setting. That’s right – didn’t fit my head. Mildly annoying, but when they stopped pumping sound into my left ear, it became positively infuriating.

So again I am on the hunt. I am armed with a credit card but am admittedly totally overwhelmed – and totally uncatered for. I want, in no particular order, a pair of headphones with good quality sound, good engineering, do NOT slide off my head, do not pop out of my ears constantly because the earbuds do not fit and are less than £100. Please, retailers, please sell me headphones.

Above all, why, why, WHY does JVC think that pink is a selling point?!


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