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Just so ya’ll know, I am not a pink hater. I possess a lot of pink clothing, accessories and other accoutrement. It is, genuinely, my favourite colour. Really.  I just dispute the concept “shrinking and pinking” products to hoodwink the female consumer. Sometimes, though, it enhances the value of an otherwise very, very, very dull […]

New post women and gaming on the Ladygeek website – trackback below.

Behold the new Samsung s7070 Diva, the latest offering from the South Korean electronics giant in a long, long, long, long, long (did I say long?) line of phones. The Diva is a mobile phone developed for and targeted specifically at women – or so say the folk at Samsung. And admittedly, the phone has […]

A trend I have noticed recently – a trend I call the Pink Premium – has piqued my curiosity. It started with an innocent Amazon trawl for a Speedo Aquabeat. Admittedly, I liked the hot pink version – as long as I am getting a dinky mp3 player, I may as well get a colourful […]

Bad Buzz


With all the privacy issues blowing up around Google Buzz this week (see here and here and here) and the grand site Please Rob Me, which points out how easy it is for stalkers, robbers and other unsavory types to know when you’re not home and where you are when you’re not home, the privacy […]

WARNING: Sensitive types – navigate away from this page. Or at least cover your eyes. Mother f***ers. Mother. F***ers. I see the draw of an app dedicated to tracking your period, such as Period Tracker, Lady Biz and iPeriod. Lord knows these things are unpredictable and tracking irregularities is always a good idea. But honestly, […]

Links for the weekend: The mobile web-cafe schoolbus makes kiddies not behave like chavs. Facebook reassures you that your bastard ex is now fat. Why doesn’t that make you feel better? Wave, Buzz, Facebook, what? Isn’t it all the same? Apparently not. Just call me Klayr. Unsurprisingly, I am a bed. Have a good weekend, […]